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Design & Build

The design phase is where it all begins. We create the visual layout and user interface (UI), emphasizing industry best practices.
Next, in the build phase, we add the functionality and business logic of your website or desktop application, HTML, CSS, vanilla JavaScript, and various JavaScript frameworks. 

Develop & Testing

The development and testing phases are crucial in creating a functional and reliable website or web application. This is where we build, configure, and make adjustments based on various performance and integration tests of the backend architecture to ensure your website works consistently on most browsers and devices.

Launch & Maintainance

The launch and post-launch phases of web development are essential in your project's life cycle. We conduct follow-up tests to see how well your website or web application performs in the wild. We test for errors, speed, and bugs and make changes to optimize performance based on client feedback.

Responsive Frontend Development

Good front-end web design is more than a well-thought-out app or website layout. A good design focuses on attention to detail, not only aesthetically, but how interactive it is for the end-user.

  • Interactive Landing Pages
    KPI-focused, typically single-paged websites with dynamic content that encouraged visitor interaction. 
  • Professional Business Websites
    Websites with multiple pages that showcase your products and business services.
  • SEO and Accessibility Optimization
    Increase your website's search engine ranking with SEO keywords and improve accessibility by following industry guidelines and standards.
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Secure Backend Integration

Secure backend development and integration is how we create and securely connect the server-side logic that powers your website or web application.

  • Serverless Database and API Integration
    Serverless database and API integration for low-cost, scalable cloud storage for faster deployment.
  • Secure eCommerce Websites
    Customized e-commerce websites tested for encryption and authentication to promote and sell your products or services.
  • Scalable Architecture
    Scalable websites that use monolithic, microservices, or micro-frontend architecture to securely manage increased traffic without compromising your data.
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We provide the best digital services

CodeBox provides several development services including web optimization, scalable application architecture, and eCommerce solutions to help clients create, maintain and improve their online presence.

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Web Optimization

Improve search engine results ranking using proven SEO fundamentals, accessibility, and overall user experience.

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Responsive Design

​Our mobile-first design ensures your website's content renders​  correctly on popular browsers and screen sizes.

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Secure Backend

We'll build your database architecture and integrate API logic to give your website authentication and authorization features.

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Micro & Monolithic

Manage database and API integration using serverless, monolithic, or microservices architecture to handle SBA and PWAs.

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CMS & eCommerce

We build personal, business, and eCommerce web applications using WordPress, Next.js, MERN, or MEVN frameworks.

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App Development

Single Page Applications, Progressive Web Apps, and mobile applications for both Android and iOS devices.

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