Web Applications

  • Whether for personal or business use, we will build and integrate your APIs to add secure, scalable, user-friendly functionality to your website or application. One of the more appealing advantages is that new content renders to the browser without reloading.
  • For blogs or product landing pages, we generally use Static Web Applications (SWA), which do not require any Server-Side Rendering (SSR), or Single-page applications (SPAs), which render directly to the browser.
  • Dynamic web applications (DWA) and Multi-Page Web Applications (MPWA) offer much more functionality, commonly used in E-commerce projects.
  • Progressive web applications (PWAs) have User Interfaces (UI) similar to desktop software applications.

Mobile Applications

  • Mobile and desktop applications are programs you download and install on computers or mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. Native apps are built for specific platforms (iOS, Android, or Windows), while hybrid apps, being browser-based, work across all platforms.
  • During the client onboarding, we walk you through the design, development, and publishing phases to have your application listen on the various app stores platforms such as Google Play, Amazon Appstore (for Android and Fire OS), Apple's App Store (for iOS, iPadOS, and watchOS), and Microsoft's App Store.
  • Some of our Desktop apps are built using Electron, but we usually build desktop and mobile apps in React Native or SwiftUI.
  • Because of the size of our development team and the cost and time required to create these applications, we limit the types of applications, specialing in more basic functionality.
Mockup image of a mobile application.


Secure, scalable applications for entertainment, real estate, and eCommerce.

  • Single-page static or progressive web applications.
  • Custom API and payment integration.
  • Built using PHP, ASP.NET, or JavaScript frameworks.
  • Customized database solutions (SQL or NoSQL).
  • Client and Admin sign-in features.
  • CMS and CRM integration.
  • Monolithic, Microservices, or Micro-frontend software architecture.


Software applications that can be downloaded and installed on a Windows, macOS, or Linux system. 

  • Bundled with a web application.
  • Optimized for speed, performance,
    and reliability.
  • Optimized for data security.
  • CI/CD and private Git repository.
  • Upgradable for Docker integration.
  • API synchronized content.
  • Cloudflare security optimization.


Information or sale-focused mobile applications built for native or hybrid platforms.

  • Bundled with the Professional tier.
  • Native or Hybrid applications built using React Native, Node.js, or Swift.
  • Lottie/SwiftUI animation.
  • Interactive navigation, and micro-interactions.
  • Optimized for privacy, and secure offline data storage and access.
  • Optimized to limit battery usage.
  • Real-time Google map integration.
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Web or Mobile apps.
Native or Hybrid.

(Every great app started as an idea)

Let's get started!