Illustration of a simplified web architecture.

Secure, Scalable Architecture

  • This is where we develop the database structure and render it to the front end using APIs. Websites and applications rely on secure API authentication and authorization. Our tests for vulnerabilities include depreciated codebases and third-party plugins.
  • Scalable design means building applications to handle periodic or consistent increased visitor traffic and data transfers using Model-View-Controller (MVC), monolithic, microservices, or micro frontend architecture. We plan out the architecture anticipating that we will eventually have to upgrade cloud storage, integrate additional APIs, and render content on multiple pages.
  • We monitor the load times and bugs and implement updates and fixes using (continuous integration and continuous deployment) of CI/CD. Additionally, we discuss the various cost-saving options for cloud storage and API usage based on our client's budget.


Whether you need a single, or a multiple-page professional website or application, we are experienced in building professional CMS websites and applications using WordPress, Joomla, and all-in-one frameworks like Astro and ASP.Net.

Our web applications, built in WordPress, WooCommerce, and Shopify, utilize authentication APIs, including popular social media, GMail, or single-sign-on methods, and payment API integration for credit and debit cards, Paypal, Stripe, Keap, and Squarespace.


Static blogs or
eCommerce websites.

  • The design reflects your unique brand identity.
  • SEO and accessibility optimization.
  • Responsive layout & navigation.
  • Astro, React, Vue, Next, or Angular frameworks.
  • Secure Sign-in & sign-Up admin features.
  • Customized Database integration
  • eCommerce features (MERN/MEVN/Serverless)
  • Cloudflare protection


Small businesses that require CMS and eCommerce websites. 

  • All features of Starter Tier.
  • Up to 15 pages.
  • Dynamic, interactive content.
  • Performance optimization.
  • Bootstrap, Tailwind, Bulma, or Material UI.
  • Serverless API integration.
  • CRM integration.
  • Basic eCommerce products and payment integration.
  • Interactive media content.


Complex, scalable, feature-rich, multi-page website for small to medium-sized businesses.

  • Includes features of Professional Tier.
  • Customized,
    interactive design.
  • ​50+ pages (PWA).
  • Manage your custom APIs.
  • Multiple Sign-up / Sign-In
    API options.
  • CMS integration.
  • CI/CD and database backup.
  • We provide constant support.
  • Private Git repository.
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Build it scalable,
build it to last.

(That's our company motto, by the way)

Let's get started!